Quick Start

Getting GeoScript JS

To install GeoScript JS, download the latest release and extract the zip archive.

Running GeoScript JS

After extracting the release archive, you can open the GeoScript shell and import any of the GeoScript modules by running bin/geoscript.

~/geoscript-js$ ./bin/geoscript-js

>> var geom = require("geoscript/geom");
>> var p1 = new geom.Point([0, 0]);
>> var p2 = new geom.Point([10, 20]);
>> p1.distance(p2);
>> var poly = p2.buffer(23);
>> poly.contains(p1);
>> quit()

You can also use the uber jar that contains all dependencies and is runnable:

java -jar geoscript-js-1.4.0-app.jar