Using GeoScript with Grails

Install Grails

You can download Grails from their web site

Getting Started

Create a new Grails Application:

grails create-app geoscript

Install GeoScript

Copy all jar files from the GeoScript Groovy installation:

cp $GEOSCRIPT_GROOVY_HOME/lib/*.jar lib/

Except xml-apis-1.0.b2.jar and xml-apis-xerces-2.7.1.jar to the lib directory of your Grails application:

rm lib/*.xml-apis*

Create a Controller

Create a Controller to buffer a WKT Geometry:

grails create-controller geoscript.Buffer

Edit Controller Code:

package geoscript

import geoscript.geom.Geometry

class BufferController {

    def index = {
        def g = Geometry.fromWKT(params.geom)
        def d = params.distance as Double
        def wkt = g.buffer(d).wkt


Try it out

Run your Grails application:

grails run-app

And enter the following url: